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Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller Life
Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi The Oatmeal Man
Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi The Town Where Only I Am Missing
Action, Horror, Sci-Fi Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Avengers: Age of Ultron
Sci-Fi, Thriller Black Road

Sci-Fi movies

Action, Animation, Sci-Fi Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie
Action, Sci-Fi Parallels
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller Painkillers
Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi Helix
Horror, Sci-Fi Harbinger Down
Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller Man Vs.
Drama, History, Sci-Fi Capsule
Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Daemonium: Soldier of the Underworld
Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller The Diabolical
Sci-Fi Terminus
Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi Lazer Team
Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller Southbound
Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller AfterDeath
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Vice
Horror, Sci-Fi Infini
Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi They Call Me Jeeg
Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi Extinction (2015)
Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller Area 51
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